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20 years of experience in the Financial
Industry. And still counting.

ACTICO is a leading international provider of software solutions and technologies for decision management. In a digital world, it is necessary to process large volumes of data and make real-time, consistent and auditable decisions. ACTICO software allows companies to implement highly flexible applications to optimize their daily decision-making on a continuous basis. This enables them to accelerate growth, innovate effectively, stay compliant and as a result, increase profits.

All customer solutions are built on the ACTICO Platform – a highly flexible decision management suite that allows companies to automate and optimize their operational decisions. With it’s graphical approach, it is used by companies around the globe to implement customized digital solutions for all kinds of use cases.

With ACTICO Platform at the core, ACTICO offers business solutions for:


Since 1997, ACTICO has delivered software and services to our customers’ benefits. Headquartered in Germany with offices in USA and Singapore.


 We help our customers realize new business opportunities in the digital world

ACTICO Decision Management Customer ACTICO Decision Management Customer ACTICO Decision Management Customer vw Finance Services ACTICO Decision Management Customer
Capital One  Maybank Actico Customer KFW ACTICO Decision Management Customer ACTICO Decision Management Customer


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